Supernatural Hunt (male gift)

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I finally finished my gift for the men ;-)

It's a complete avatar of '"V" for Vendetta.

Includes: Hat, Hair, Skin, Shape, Eyes, Cape, Jacket, Pants, Belt with daggers, gloves.

Designer: Aeon Crystal

SLURL: slurl.com/secondlife/Reykjanes/45/153/37

BLOG: crayon-design.blogspot.com/


Supernatural Huntgift from CRAYON DESIGN

Butterfly Fairy outfit with sculpted wings and animated texture.

May 01 2011 - May 31 2011

Welcome Vendors & Hunters to the SUPERNATURAL HUNT - first edition.

This is the first hunt I will run with my new group "SUPERNATURAL HUNT" and I think you will be bewitched by it. I invite you to keep on reading and would love for you to let your influence give this hunt its spirit.

Aeon Crystal will be asking participating vendors if they would like to contribute something they have in mind when I say "SUPERNATURAL" and which is showing their supernatural creating skills ;-).
The Supernatural Hunts will be a selection of great gifts from the talented vendors participating in this hunt. THE THEME: -> Read more about <-

HUNTSIGN: All participating vendors have this Supernatural Hunt Sign outside their stores. It gives you Info about the hunt, a hunt-group invitation and the starting location if you touch it. 

HINTGIVER: The open glowing bottle next to the huntsign gives you a hint to the hidden supernatural bottles if you touch it. 

HUNT OBJECT: This is what you are hunting for. A closed purple supernatural bottle containing the huntgift. They will be hidden by the vendors in their stores.


Eclectic Equations: Crayon Design for Project Fur Japan

Eclectic Equations: Crayon Design for Project Fur Japan: "She rested at the great wall. The journey had been exhausting even for her. But she was aware of the fact that she was the best runner so sh..."


CRAYON DESIGN - Kimono for Project FUR Japan

My current project for the charity event "project FUR Japan". This kimono inspired outfit will be sold as 100% charity item for project fur japan. This means that all of the purchases will go straight to the japan animal care!

Get this outfit at my store: CRAYON DESIGN - Mainstore

This outfit is inspired by this sketch:



Gift for the evil bunny hunt


The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt


Dear Vendors,

as you might have read on the group notices from Hunt Addiction, I have been kicked off from the group and Walter Balazic just told me that I am kicked and I am also out of my own hunt, the kinky easter egg hunt which I organized from A to, well amost Z all by myself, as you know.

Here is the concerend notice that a vendor kindly copied for me:

Hunt Group Administration

Please be advised, Aeon Crystal is no longer affiliated with the Hunt Addiction group.  All Hunt Addicition Administration questions and any questions/info regarding the The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt coming up in April should be directed to either Funninonebabe McBride (Toy) or Walter Balazic.  Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support of the group.  Please bear with us as we make minor adjustments to the Blog and upcoming hunt.

Thank You all again!
Hunt Addiction Staff

So, this is how my day started when i logged into SL this morning...guess how i feel.

But i dont want to bore you with my story...

I just wanted to let you know that I never had gave up and leaving this hunt organisation freely.

This hunt should have been a special one for me, my baby. And what mother would leave her baby? ;-)

Well it seems they said you should not contact me anymore regarding the kinky easter egg hunt, which is and will stay my hunt (in my mind).

BUT, if you have any questions or problems or just want to talk and say hello to me, feel free to contact me anytime and i will be happy to assist you!

Thank you, dear vendors, for your participation, for your cooperation and your kindness when I came to talk to you! Working together with you was a firsttime experience for me i dont want to miss! And i hope, somehow, it was not the last time we met!

Thank you!


Aeon Crystal

(mother of the kinky easter egg hunt)
(ex-hunt addiction admin)


This Hunt used to be a special hunt for me, not only because it is the first one I am organizing by myself, but also because it starts on my real life birthday, the 9th of April.

So I'd like to thank you all who are making this hunt happen: Vendors, hunters, people who helped and supported me along the way and I hope it's been going a great hunt-experience for us all!

EDIT: Well at least for you, because I am out :-(

Special thanks to Chloe1982 C. for her smart scripting support and to Hotmausi C. for improving the hunt vendor subscriber just for me!

Thank you and happy easter!
from Aeon Crystal

Hunt organised by Aeon Crystal